Cory Seymour, Milledgeville, GA

All I really have to say is customer service and workmanship. I recently purchased magnaflow muffler. I inspected it and it was flawless. Not even a scratch. Very heavey duty as well. It is great to see that you can get quality workman-ship that is made in the UNITED STATES. It sounds great. I get so many compliments on it. I needed an extra sticker to put on my car, I sent them a e-mail telling that I needed one and I received it three days later. Not one but two stickers and I told them all I needed was one! This is definitely a GREAT company and I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a performance muffler. Keep up the good work guys!

Justin – Joliet, Il.

THANKYOU MAGNAFLOW!!! I had my mind on 2 mufflers, f……..r or magnaflow and the exhaust shop told me that magnaflow would perform and sound better and they were right. Not only did i get the sound that i wanted out of it, but i also picked up some horse! It sounds great, my friends love it, but not as much as my block when i come home late at night and wake them up. I am now going to buy a magnaflow high-flow cat. Thanks guys.

Michael Barber – St. Louis, Missouri

I just wanted to let the people at MagnaFlow know that they make a great muffler! Not only did i get great sound, but it gave my little car a nice horsepower boost! I get compliments everyday about how great it looks and how deep and smooth the sound is. I’ve been getting so many compliments, and recommending it so much. Thank You, MagnaFlow!

Domenic Passero, Toronto Canada

Sounds louder then I expected. But the extra power is really nice!! Thanks again!! VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!VROOOOOOOMMM

St.George Muffler and Radiator

We have been installing Magnaflow mufflers and Carsound catalytic converters for years. We must say, we have never been so satified with this product. At our shop we sell Magnaflows 10 to 1 over any other performance mufflers that we carry. The sound quality and the lifetime warranty are unsurpassed. These products literally sell themselves. Thank you for the fine quality products that you provide.

Rene LeBlanc

I truly appreciate the excellent service that your company have offered. This is like icing on the cake with such excellent products. The cat-back exhaust system is second to none. Several of my friends have recently installed your systems on their vehicles because of the performance, sound, and customer service that I had. Thank you

Ty Menna – Arkansas

I just want to thank you for providing me with an outstanding product. I recently ordered a MagnaFlow Cat-Back system and had it intalled by a local muffler shop. I am impressed with the workmanship, design, and fitment of your product….and it sounds GREAT. Thanks! Mario did not go wrong by endorsing your product!

Joe – Richmond, VA

I went searching all around for performance dual exhaust for my car. And after my mind was set on D…..x or F…….r, My friends dad (who is a mechanic) mentioned MagnaFlow. After he told me about the sound and performance i was almost convinced to get it, until i finally called my local muffler shop and that’s what they recommended and they had a lot of reasons. After starting the car with the Magnaflow exhaust my heart melted. I love the deep, throaty sound of the rumbling exhaust and so does my high school. I highly recommend Magnaflow to everyone who wants performance and sound.

David Lord – Lords Perf. Exh. Systems Buford, Ga

I am David Lord, Lord’s Perf. Exh. in Buford, Ga. I have been in the custom exhaust business for 23 yrs and have worked on everything from A-models to new Cadillac Escalades and have found nothing to look or perform better than MagnaFlow mufflers and accessories. I use them exclusively in my all stainless show systems and all high performance applications. We offer F——— mufflers but rarely have a call for them anymore because of the noise problem and they do not flow as good as the MagnaFlow does. Thanks for building a superior product and for supporting us installers and fabricators and not selling out to the mail-order houses like so many other company’s have done. Thanks again.

Steve – North Vancouver, Canada

All I can say is WOW! I never expected the tone to be so deep. I purchased the 5”x8” w/ dual 3” bent tips and not only am I impressed with the sound, but the look is amazing. My friend recommended Magnaflow to me, so I read the customer reviews and decided that I would at least give it a shot. With an intake my car sounds like a V8 at lower RPM and never high pitched all the way to redline. I’ll recommend Magnaflow to anyone of my friends without hesitation.

Vance Wuebben – Dollar Bay, MI

To Whom This May Concern:
I am writing to you because I am pleased with your exhaust systems. MagnaFlow has the greatest, most unique sound. It is around the same price as any other leading brand of exhaust but is way better. I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse with MagnaFlow. I like the blow-off noise once I reach about five and a half thousand RPM’s. No other exhaust sounds like that. Almost all of my friends want to get it now for their cars. I think that your company is the greatest.

Your exhaust must be made of a special kind of steel that does not rust very easily. I have had other exhaust systems on other cars and they have rusted within a year. There are no rattles or noises that are supposed to be there. Many other systems have a certain range where they sound the greatest but MagnaFlow sounds great all the way through the power band. It has a clean, deep-throated roar to it.