Eric Sarabia, San Diego, CA

I think the MagnaFlow Mufflers are the best. I’ve gone through at least three performance mufflers and none of them can compare to the MagnaFlow Muffler. It’s lifetime warranty led me to buy it in the first place.

Michael Kearns

Excellent product and a great web site. I had heard much about the venturi effect of race chamber type F——–r but it is hard to not see the advantage of a true straight through design. You can look through your muffler. A clear line of sight is easy to understand. Little or no muffler induced backpressure is the logical result. I was also impressed with the quality of workmanship evident in your muffler, the overall fit and finish of the welding, component assembly etc. It is also nice to see that your product is built in the United States. Keep up the good work.

Conrad, Morton Grove

Great product. I use it on both of my cars and I love it. I have tried other mufflers in the past and they don’t compare to the Magnaflow. Keep up the great work.

John Cummins, Kearney Automotive, Kearney Racing

Part of our line here at Kearney Automotive is the MagnaFlow line both for street and racing purposes. We field a four car racing team and are converting over to MagnaFlow mufflers to meet the strict DB levels set for 1999 – 103db, it is currently 105db. Our initial tests have been most promising. Since we also supply hard parts to the racing community we feel that MagnaFlow products will be an asset to our business.

Justin David, Tucson AZ

I would just like to tell you guys that I love your product and the sound is awesome. keep up the good work!

Ron Mier

You should be pleased to know that I am pleasantly pleased with MagnaFlow on my truck. 🙂 I was just as equally impressed with the “convincing sales presentation” from the owner of Advanced Muffler in Vacaville, California. I was going to have a competitive product installed, but after talking to the salesman, I selected MagnaFlow.

Thank you for providing a quality product – and a sales person who knows what he is talking about in complimenting your product.

Tony Liston

This is my third vehicle that I’ve had installed the magnaflow muffler on. The sound , performance and warrenty are outstanding. Keep up the great work!


Hi, after months of trying to decide what muffler to get I took the advice of Joe at Joe’s Muffler in Santa Clara, CA. and went with the MaganFlow. It sounds SWEET! I kept the stock tail pipe (and resonator), but had a new tip installed. It’s really quiet inside the cabin and sounds awesome outside. The best of both worlds!
Thanks Joe and MagnaFlow!

Duane Fairbanks, Killeen, TX

The muffler shop I visited was strait up when I asked for a better muffler. He said I could sell you three high performance systems and if it were his money, he’d buy the MagnaFlow. So, I did. And the first minute I started the car I was a believer. I don’t think you should call your product “mufflers”. Let’s call it a “engine enhancer” or something. Thanks guys.

Finishline Radiator / Exhaust & A/C

We our in the exhaust business, specializing in custom and high performacne sys. We highly recommend MagnaFlow for top satisfaction. MagnaFlow has brought us nothing but satisfied customers!!!!! Thank, you, Finishline Radiator / Exhaust & A/C

Paul Pink, Thousand Oaks, California

I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a superb exhaust system! I can now listen to Sinatra in peace and not think I’m listening to Louis Armstrong like the other systems. Now that’s, SHOOGY DOOGY!!!